Alcohol and weight loss

Ever since I got out of highschool, drinking has lost it`s charm. The “buzz“ is nice but like many people. I can`t stop at just one! There was even a time in my life where one might consider me a full blown alcoholic. I would hear stories of things I did the night before that i have no recollection of. I still hear new stories here and there even  3 years later. It`s embarrassing and I never want to go back to that!

When it comes to alcohol and fat loss, the two don`t mix well. First of all, beer and many other carbonated and sugary drinks are loaded with empty calories. You would be better served to stick with hard liquor actually. But it doesn`t stop there. Alcohol is both a depressant and a diuretic; it will upset your normal bodily functions and make you dehydrated. Both of these factors can lead to fat gain as well as liver damage. Also, alcohol consumption has been linked to an increase in estrogen and loss of muscle.

Here and there, a drink is ok but you can`t make it a past-time while trying to lose weight at the same time!


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