Caffeine and Working Out

I`ve tried a lot of pre-workout supplements over the years. For a while, my favourite was supplements with a lot of L-arginine. L-arginine creates nitric oxide in the blood that both improves bloodflow and increases blood pressure. The problem with L-arginine is that the body builds a tolerance to it rather quickly.

After L-arginine stopped working for me I started using energy drinks. These worked great and in higher doses(wouldn`t recommend to the safety conscious) actually Increased my pain tolerance so I could just keep going and going in the gym with lessened mental barriers. Energy drinks ofcourse cause you to crash about an hour afterwards so timing is a factor with them.

After a while, I realized that I was spending a ton of money on these energy drinks. I needed a cheaper option so, naturally, I looked to coffee. Coffee doesn`t have the extra b vitamins or taurine (and it`s been known to cause many kinds of cancer), but it`s cheap and powerful. Caffeine has a disadvantage as a diuretic, however. You will have a hard time staying hydrated and it`s hard on your joints. Also, you do build a slow tolerance.

Personally, I reccomend coffee as an occasional pre-workout when you really need it.


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