My favourite muscle group to train is the forearms forearms. I love the feeling of squeezing my fist and feeling my muscles bulge out! The feeling of an intense grip fills me with confidence whenever I go for a big lift. It gives the feeling of control over the bar. I personally use Iron Mind products for the bulk of my forearm training but it isn’t necessary. If you`re interested in serious grip development, check out The Grip Authority.


Here`s my personal training program. I alternate these workouts with a rest day inbetween.

Workout A:
Wrist roll ups:5(heavy as you can manage)(look it up)
Reverse wrist roll ups:5(simply reverse your grip)
Lever lifts:12×3(medium-heavy)(You can use a sledgehammer or similar)

Workout B:
Warmup gripper(you should be able to do 20 on this one):12×2
Working gripper(the gripper you can close atleast 6 times):6-12×3(go to near failure)
Next Level Gripper(the gripper you can`t quite close yet):3 full out attempts
Warmup gripper:20

Keep in mind that this is just what I feel works for me at my current level. Beginners can easily get injured training so intensely and frequently.


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