My workouts

I added a page with different animal workouts on my website. Give one a try if you`re up for a challange!
Here`s one just for my blog:
The honey badger: The honey badger has earned a reputation as one of the toughest animals out there. It can take hundreds of stings from angry hornets, venom from a king cobra, and can scare off lions through sheer ferocity. On top of this toughness, they have extreme stamina. Honer badgers can fight evenly with much larger predators to the point where they give up from exhaustion. Truly a beast to admire(from a safe distance). This workout is in the spirit of mental toughness and endurance.
Equipment: 2 dumbbells and assorted weights, backpack with weights(around 5%-20% of bodyweight depending on bodyfat%[inverse relation])
Rest periods:Nope! You don`t stop till the very end. Be the badger!
Warmup: Put on the backpack. Light jog or bounce(anything to get the blood flowing that isn`t very taxing) for 2 minutes, 20 burpees.
cycle through these next 3 exercises for 5 rounds without stopping
Farmers walk: 50m (medium weight)
Bear crawl: 100m
explosive(or normal if you can`t) pushups: 20
take off the backpack
Get ups:50 (light-medium weights)(lay on your back holding two dumbbells, sit up, pull in your knees and stand)


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